• Cliffhanger
    Inspired by Buster Keaton, with falling buildings, dare-devil escapology, silent comedy and live piano accompaniment, this is Bash Street's most successful and enduring street theatre show | Photo: Ludovic des Cognets
  • The Colour of Time
    Derby Feste 2017
  • The Sultan's Elephant
    When this elephant and his companion brought London to a standstill, it opened many people's eyes to the possibilities of outdoor arts | Photo: Matthew Andrews
  • H.O.H.
    A powerful outdoor hip hop dance piece, addressing social and political issues around football violence | Commissioned by Without Walls, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival and the Norfolk & Norwich Festival | Photo: Irven Lewis
  • As the World Tipped
    by Wired Aerial Theatre, produced by XTRAX
  • The Meerkats Menagerie
    Founded in 1980, Emergency Exit Arts inspire change through creativity by creating enhancing places and making dynamic and surprising work in the public realm | Photo: EEA
  • Fanfare tout Terrain
    This playful and witty French roving brass band have delighted UK audiences for many years at numerous festivals up and down the country | Photo: Ludovic des Cognets
  • Full Circle
    A superbly simple interactive event involving a hundred metal buckets and a lot of noise | Supported by Greenwich+ Docklands International Festival, Bedlam Fair, 101 Creation Centre and Appetite Stoke | Photo: GDIF
  • Orbis / Museum of the Moon
    Photo: Angus MacKechnie
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