• Transfigured
    Alex Rigg has been making live events since 1982, with a strong need to push boundaries around, to set foot on unknown soil and generally to play with our concepts of art outside its accepted form. Pic: Surge Festival 2019.
  • Ye Gods
    Ye Gods features a model town where three god-like figures tower over the proceedings. They gradually bring this miniature town to life with a witty use of objects and puppetry, but events are headed to a chaotic finale. Pic: Merchant City Festival, Glasgow.
  • My House
    “My House” is a circus theatre experience for little people and their families. This exciting, magical, quirky structure, which can be put up almost anywhere, invites people to come close and become part of the performance.
  • Baba Yaga's House
    Baba Yaga‘s House is a ramshackle old cottage, which roams the land on chicken legs, while Baba flies across the landscape. Though she may seem scary, she might tell your fortune, in exchange for a year of your life, or then again she might just eat you.
  • WILD
    As urban humans, how do we relate to a way of being that we no longer understand? Is the wild still shaping our behaviour? Motionhouse's new outdoor show for 2019.
  • Sacred Fires
    Inspired by the simple geometry incorporated in an ancient mystical diagram, Sacred Fires was originally created for Manchester Diwali Dashera Mela | Photo: Walk the Plank
  • The Band
    With striking aesthetics and a rousing soundtrack, THE BAND is a quirky, humorous display of desperate ambition and blind affection told through awe-inspiring dance, theatre and circus. Photo: Aleksandra Warchol
  • Chipolatinos!
    The globe-trotting Chipolatas performing the four-person 'Chipolatinos' at Beijing Chaoyang Spring Carnival.
  • The Colour of Time
    Seen here at Derby Festé, this rainbow eruption of powder and dance is a stunning reinvention of the traditional Indian Holi festival; created by the much-missed Alain Beauchet | Photo: Derby Festé
  • As the World Tipped
    An ambitious and extraordinary piece outdoor theatre combining dramatic film and visuals with breathtaking aerial performance to tell a powerful tale of an ecological crisis | Photo: SIRF
  • The Sultan's Elephant
    When this elephant and his companion brought London to a standstill, it opened many people's eyes to the possibilities of outdoor arts | Photo: Matthew Andrews
Inspiring Partnerships in Outdoor Arts

Visit our YouTube channel and meet some amazing Outdoor Arts duos: The Desperate Men, Joli Vyann, Nutkhut, Tangled Feet, Mimbre, Bash Street Theatre and Gandini Juggling.

The Outdoor Arts Conference 2019

One Small Step: Thu 28 Nov in Coventry – a day of skills-sharing, introductions to working on outdoor arts, networking and inspiration. NOW FULLY BOOKED.