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The Chipolatas present their legendary show for families..combining mindful circus artistry with dynamic roots music, mixing both traditional and contemporary influences.
Finding inspiration in timeless tradition this long-standing troupe use rhythmic squeezebox, breakbeats and ballads together with spoken word and samples to produce moments of theatrical stillness, physicality and dynamism.

Witty and charming, performed with impeccable timing, The Chipolatas transcend trends, capture hearts and cross boundaries with every performance. They have performed in 45 countries since 1992, establishing themselves as a trusted brand and mainstay of festivals around the world.

The Chipolatas, specialists in their field and ambassadors of an evolving tradition bring a show of Circus, Music and Story telling that is suitable for all ages. If you are looking for a show that will hold the attention of the youngest in the crowd whilst thrilling the oldest, you should look no further.