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OutdoorArtsUK members are individuals and organisations who actively support and participate in the development of Outdoor Arts in their professional work; one way or another we all care about presenting high-quality work that creates a dynamic relationship with a very large and steadily growing audience.

IOU Theatre

IOU makes original, unpredictable interdisciplinary art, from our creation centre in Halifax, inspiring curiosity and wonder and developing talent for a diverse range of local, national and international audiences.

We are artist led and collaborative: working with interdisciplinary artists to engage diverse audiences through original and exceptional art that changes perspectives of the world. Our work aims to de-familiarise every-day objects and locations to produce work that is unconstrained, innovative and darkly humorous. We make innovative live shows and contemporary art installations that bring together all art forms with new and innovative technology. We have 40 years experience making original work that includes sound, video and sculptural installations alongside site specific performance, music and touring theatre.