‘Congregation’: Ray Lee

Using GPS geo-locative sound technology, Congregation invites audiences to take a journey through an urban or rural environment exploring a bespoke sound world, created by an intriguing sonic companion – a handheld silver sphere.

Starting in locations across a city or other public space, an audience member is given one of a large number of silver spheres. The mysterious sphere guides them by emitting otherworldly sounds which subtly change depending on the sphere is heading in the right direction.

Holding their sphere as they walk, the participants follow their own individual itineraries, gradually encountering more people also carrying spheres. Finally they become a congregation, moving inexorably towards a secret destination and final climax.

Website: www.invisible-forces.com
City/Town: Oxford
Email: simon@simonchatterton.co.uk
Show Available: Now
Genre: Installation, Light, Interactive digital sound promenade piece
Scale: Small-scale
Estimated cost per day: £3200 for first day circa £800 per additional days
People ‘on the road’: 3
Shows per day / duration: 3