Unlimited Festival 2021 back to listing

January 2021 sees Unlimited become truly limitless. The festival that’s always brought ambitious creative projects by outstanding disabled artists to new audiences, is set to fulfil that mantra more than ever before, as Unlimited goes online.

The Covid-19 pandemic may have prevented us from welcoming audiences to our venues to enjoy performances challenging perceptions of disabled people, but it’s also presented a new opportunity. The move to virtual performance spaces means this five-day festival will be its most accessible edition yet, with 33 online events available to audiences around the globe.

Yes, 33! And yes, that is a lot of events to fit in five days. But don’t worry. We’ve pulled together this handy overview to help you navigate all that we’ve got lined up by theme, meaning you won’t miss out on the events you most want to see.

(All events and performances are free, unless otherwise stated)

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