Times (and names) they are a-changing… back to listing

So, the organisation formally known as ISAN is now officially known as OutdoorArtsUK.

As part of our Arts Council England NPO application, we proposed a name change in order to allow us to represent a broader range of artists, festivals, organisations and individuals who work in many different ways in what has become known as the Outdoor Arts sector.

Our previous identity as the ‘Independent Street Arts Network’ served a very significant purpose in defining a particular area of practice that needed advocacy and support when it was first formed. Over the years, the membership has broadened to include members who wouldn’t necessarily identify as ‘Street Arts’ and we now include open-air theatres, carnival producers, D/deaf and disabled artists, mela organisers, green field festivals, touring Shakespeare companies, CPP projects and dance, circus, puppetry and live art companies.

We believe that within this broad range of disciplines, those of us committed to working outside buildings and in the public realm have so much in common that we can share and develop together and so the new name is there to celebrate that common ground and mutual ambition.

With the membership now sitting at 289, we’d be delighted to welcome more of you to our growing family, and our rates remain accessible to hopefully suit most budgets; please take a look here.

Practically, name change-wise, most of the major things have been changed (thank you Catherine!), so the website and emails are in the outdoorartsuk.org domain. Twitter is divided into @OutdoorArtsUK for public listings and @OutdoorArtsPRO for sector jobs, commissions and opportunities. Facebook is proving to be more of a challenge so we’ll get back to you on that and there are a few rogue ISAN idents knocking around, but we’ll get there with all of it soon.

If one of the most famous re-namers was ‘the artist formerly known as Prince’, here’s an utterly relevant / totally random quote:

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted to one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the purple rain