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OutdoorArtsUK members are individuals and organisations who actively support and participate in the development of Outdoor Arts in their professional work; one way or another we all care about presenting high-quality work that creates a dynamic relationship with a very large and steadily growing audience.

Tangled Feet

Tangled Feet are a physical theatre ensemble dedicated to devising original, accessible and innovative work. Since 2003, our productions have been pushing the boundaries of theatrical practice, exploring and exploiting the live encounter between audience and performer, and rethinking where and how performance happens.

We make transformative theatre in public places, found spaces and theatre buildings. We have a reputation for creating work explicitly conceived for public spaces that involve and interact with the public, including; shopping centres, parks, nightclubs, school playing fields, disused buildings and high streets.

The founding members of Tangled Feet studied Drama and Theatre Studies at Middlesex University and graduated in 2003, and have been working collaboratively since then. Using physicality, image, music, text and atmosphere to create truly “live” theatre, tangled feet tries to capture the audience in a total experience. We aim to push the boundaries of what theatre can be, to make bold performances that inspire thought and question.

At the heart of our work is performance but surrounding and supporting that is dedicated and innovative work with young people and the community.

A not-for-profit company since our foundation, we became a registered charity in 2011, number 1143406.