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Faceless Company

Faceless Arts formed in 1990, to increase access to the arts in the outdoors. The company started its' journey exploring non-verbal visual physical street theatre using Commedia half masks and Lazzi (comic interludes). By the mid 1990's the company extended the visual impact of its character based work by developing the half mask into full body masks and the walkabout characters were born. The company's outdoor arts work has taken the company across the UK and internationally.
At the same time, the company began to deliver participatory community arts projects in the outdoors with communties as narrative, site specific performances or parades. The company now reaches out to over 30,000 people a year delivering community wellbeing projects with people of all ages and abilities for a host of clients and partners including from local authrities and NHS Trusts to local voluntary sector groups.
It became a natural progression for the company to be involved in event management, delivering its first Wakefield Kite Festival in 2001 and managing, on behalf of Pontefract Liquorice Trust, the Pontefract Liquorice Festival between 2000 and 2008, the launch event for Trinity Walk Shopping Centre in 2011 and Barnsley goes French for the Tour de France in 2014
Faceless Arts is now actively involved in the development of the outdoor and community arts sector by offering training, workshops and participatory projects about community engaged arts practice, in the UK, Slovenia and Turkey. The company sits on the board of ISAN - Independent Street Arts Network (a national sector development organisation for Outdoor Arts), is a founder member of EFETSA (European Federation for Education & Training in Street Arts) and a member of NASA UK (National Association of Street Artists). It has delivered 3 conferences on outdoor community arts and has published numerous books.