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OutdoorArtsUK members are individuals and organisations who actively support and participate in the development of Outdoor Arts in their professional work; one way or another we all care about presenting high-quality work that creates a dynamic relationship with a very large and steadily growing audience.


Cocoloco is a performance company set up in 2000 by Trevor Stuart and Helen Statman, creating engaging, highly disciplined and memorable work.
Cocoloco believes in a multitude of things theatrical; essentially that difficult ideas and complex problems can be expressed in accessible ways; providing keys to the doors of perception; exploiting existentialism, exposing the life behind the mask, flooding the mind with rich and resonant imagery.

Cocoloco's work has been described as "the high art of madness to perfection" and “anarchic and quirky peripatetic performance". The company has an established history of collaborating with other artists from experienced performers to composers, painters, film makers and designers and working with emerging artists and the community.

Recent work includes ‘One Drum Many Beats” For Barefeet Theatre with the street kids of Zambia, 'Streets of Anarchy' for Seachange Arts in Gt Yarmouth and Sense and Sustainability (Jane Austen challenges climate change denial) in collaboration with Hope St Ltd at the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool. In collaboration with Unity Theatre in Liverpool the company transformed the venue into a series of film noir sets using 40 performers made up of students and professionals from the area. Cocoloco excels in marrying learners and experienced players with speed and dexterity under pressures of budget and time frequently coming up with new ideas and performance skills. Not that we relish low budgets and exhausting hours - we're just proudly adaptable.

This track record of work demonstrates Cocoloco's ability to collaborate with others, work with a wide variety of performers; transform a space or location; and make statements and comments through their work.