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OutdoorArtsUK members are individuals and organisations who actively support and participate in the development of Outdoor Arts in their professional work; one way or another we all care about presenting high-quality work that creates a dynamic relationship with a very large and steadily growing audience.

C-12 Dance Theatre

C-12 Dance Theatre creates original, emotionally driven, accessible, and highly chargedcontemporary dance theatre experiences that aim to engage, educate, challenge andentertain audiences of all ages. Our work can be found in outdoor festivals, traditionaltheatres and community spaces.Established in 2005, C-12 Dance Theatre are a leading award winning contemporary dancetheatre company whose productions have been programmed at The National Theatre(London), Royal Festival Hall (London) and toured extensively throughout the UK, France,Netherlands, Belgium and Belgium. Alongside the professional strand is a passion toinspire, support and provide a meaningful relationship for children, young people and thedisadvantaged, through projects, Arts Awards, weekly classes and employment.