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Boomtown Fair

BoomTown rose up from the underground in 2009 to become one of the UK’s wildest and most inspiring independent festivals, from a humble village fair it is now a sprawling creative metropolis and home to every species of artistic miscreant! We invite thousands of citizens to embark on an immersive audio-visual joyride, dancing through the labyrinthine streets and plazas on a non-stop weekend journey of discovery!

Every kind of musical genre is celebrated at BoomTown, from ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate and disco to electro-swing, jazz, blue-grass, bass, jungle and techno, all enjoyed in a spirit of unity and freedom.

Our independence and diversity is a fundamental part of our identity, not simply promoting one style of music, art or performance but throwing open the gates to every kind of expression and celebration, something for everybody and the freedom to enjoy it as you want to! With a sense of unity, humanity and understanding between all people.

We are not so different whatever we choose to bang our heads, stomp our feet or shake our booties to! We believe in the right to public assembly and free association, the innate human capacity for people to be responsible for themselves and each other. BoomTown belongs to you whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever you choose to believe in.

Everyone is invited to join our family, a global community of music and freedom loving people, who believe that together we can make the world a better place. It’s too easy to forget in our everyday city streets, where the only music is the roar of the traffic, what the world is really all about, what life is really all about!

When you’ve got your head down and you’re running in the rat race, where it’s dog-eat-dog, it’s too easy to forget we are all one people, with the same hopes, dreams, struggles and passions.

Because it’s too easy to forget what’s good in this life, we decided to make a city where it’s all about the good stuff, where the only traffic is an occasional crazy boom vehicle. Where everybody is free to express themselves, to dress like kings and queens of the new world, to dance like everybody’s watching but you just don’t care! To celebrate each other!

We were tired of the ‘choices’ offered in the drab high streets where everything is for sale but nothing is worth anything! The barrage of words and slogans that say nothing worth reading, a world where even our festivals and parties were being co-opted by capitalism, sanitized and sterilized into some kind of muddy shopping experience, where we are forced to queue for hours to get into the party that’s not really even a party, it just looks like a party!

So we decided to build our own high streets! Create our own city where the normal rules don’t apply, where it’s all about creativity, colour and expression, where we celebrate humanity and re-invent our culture away from the commercial oppression of the mainstream, and into the myriad of possibilities of the alternative, where the party is really a party! A true celebration! An almighty explosion of colour, creativity and community!!!

We are a big family, it takes an army of highly dedicated multi-skilled site crew, production teams, build crews, technicians, riggers, artists, performers, musicians, caterers and clean-up crews to build this city and make it the wonderland it has become.

We couldn’t do it without the heart and soul contribution from all these people, as well as the collaboration of our land owners, local councils, authorities and emergency services who all come together to make one of the World’s most dynamic and diverse outdoor arts experiences come to life.

Every year we reinvest profits into the next year’s event and aim to make it an experience no-one will ever forget being a part of. We learn so much each year and will continue to improve the quality of experience for our crew as well as our citizens. BoomTown is a mass collaboration, where we create a City of our own we can all be proud to be a part of.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to every single person who has been a part of BoomTown, and helped the festival reach the international acclaim it has achieved over the years.

Our determination to be one of the most exciting, inclusive and groundbreaking independent festivals in the world has never been stronger, and we can’t wait to see what the next crazy chapter has in store for us all!