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Apocalyptic Circus

Linn Brodén and Tom Richmond created Apocalyptic Circus in 2012. The aim was to create circus theatre shows using stories from our own lives and people around us. We value circus highly and always aim to create work with extremely high skill levels at its core.

We are currently touring " My House" a circus theatre experience for little people and their families. It takes place is a magical, quirky structure,
which can be put up almost anywhere. It invites people to come close and almost become part of the performance. The audience find a place for themselves at one of the many windows and openings from where they watch the show unfold within

We offer a show exploring what habits and routines we create to feel at home and how we must compromise to live alongside others. The show opens up questions about collaboration and what we value and expect from our home as well as from the greater society. It combines slackrope, hand balance, partner acrobatics and physical theatre into a playful piece of circus theatre. After the show everyone is invited in two the house to play and explore.

The Show is supported by Without Walls, Art Council England, Just So festival, The Pound Art Centre and 101 outdoor art creation space.