Outdoor ArtForms

Outdoor Arts come in many forms… here is a selection of styles and types of work that you can expect to see out and about, illustrated by some key national and international examples.

By no means is this list exhaustive, but it provides a snapshot of the many different possibilities and opportunities available in the Outdoor Arts sector.

And of course, many artists cross over between these definitions; there’s many a circus show that feels more like a piece of theatre and many a dance show that is as reliant upon acrobatics as it is upon choreography, some walkabouts are deeply theatrical, some juggling shows are steeped in dance and the big spectacles usually employ countless different types of skills.


Mimbre, Acrojou, Les Vitaminés


Wired Aerial Theatre, Fidget Feet, Upswing, Scarabeus

Circle Shows

Abi Collins, Strong Lady Productions, Jon Hicks, Goronwy Thom


NoFit State, Circle of Two, Cirque Bijou, Dizzy O’Dare, Molly Orange


Stopgap, Motionhouse Dance, 2Faced Dance Company, Akademi, Etta Ermini Dance Company, Folk Dance Remixed, The Bicycle Ballet, Moxie Brawl, The Institute of Crazy Dancing


The Caravan Gallery, Ella Good & Nicki Kent, Stuff & Things, Red Earth, Talking Birds, Urban Canvas


Gandini Juggling, Matt Pang, Circus Geeks, Juggling on Tap, Mat Ricardo, Ian Marchant

Large-scale Spectacle

Walk the Plank, Emergency Exit Arts, Royal de Luxe, Kinetika

Large-scale Theatre

Periplum, Teatr Biruo Podrozy, Teatr KTO, Wildworks, Markeliñe


Frolicked, Puppets with Guts

Pyrotechnics & Fire

And Now, Cie Carabosse, Compagnie Bilbobasso, Walk the Plank, Emergency Exit Arts, The World Famous

Roaming Music

Les Grooms, Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, Musical Ruth, Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International

Street Theatre

Desperate Men, Bash Street Theatre, Beautiful Mess Theatre, DotComedy, Grand Theatre of Lemmings, Highly Sprung Performance Company, Artizani, Kazzum, Pestiferous, Pif-Paf


Kamchatka, Natural Theatre Company, Mischief La-Bas


Avanti Display, Cie Aquacoustique