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GDIF volunteers

With the festival season almost upon us, there is a great variety of volunteering opportunities coming up for people wanting to gain some entry-level or developmental experience of working in the Outdoor Arts sector or if you just want to do something different this summer. Here’s a few…

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival:

Festival Volunteers

GDIF needs enthusiastic and dependable people who can help make the festival happen; get involved with marketing, assisting with performances, stewarding, front of house duties, fundraising, helping the public and making GDIF accessible to all. There are also roles in Artist Liaison, Team Leading and Marketing for people with the right skills and experience.  Click here for GDIF details

Walk the Plank and Manchester Day:

Eureka Volunteers

Applications are now open for volunteers to bring Manchester Day 2016: Eureka! to life. Click here for Manchester Day details.

Wales Millennium Centre and the National Theatre Wales:

6000 performers and a dancing mouse

Wales Millennium Centre and the National Theatre Wales are seeking volunteers to take part in a landmark celebration of Roald Dahl in Cardiff. The wish list includes 2000 choristers, 1000 dancers, 50 Morris Minor drivers, 40 bald men, 13 magicians, 4 brass bands, 3 excavator drivers, a Spitfire pilot, firemen, circus artists, aerialists, rockclimbers, grandparents, children… and a performing mouse. Click here for WMC/NTW details.

Wild Rumpus:

Woodland Volunteers

Wild Rumpus have many different and unusual forest-based opportunities for volunteering in the summer from the Just So Festival and La Lune to the Lost Carnival and the Whirligig Woods. Click here for Wild Rumpus details.

IOU Theatre:

Adventurous Musicians

IOU are seeking 10 wind and brass musicians to join Yannis Kyriakides in Halifax for the first performance of a new composition within IOU’s extraordinary, gleaming steel installation Speaking Tubes. Click here for IOU details.