Outdoor Arts Fringe Event to be held at Labour Party Conference, Sunday 27 Sept back to listing

Outdoor Arts: Reclaiming the Commons

Presented by Julie Ward MEP and the Independent Street Arts Network

Sunday 27 Sept 2015, 18:00– 19:30

Holiday Inn Brighton Seafront, Ashdown Room 1, 137 King’s Road, Brighton, BN1 2JF

JULIE WARD MEP for the North West of England

VICKI AMEDUME, Artistic Director of aerial and contemporary circus company, Upswing

AJAY CHHABRA, Co-founder & Co-Artistic Director of performing arts company, Nutkhut

CLAIRE HODGSON, CEO of Diverse City and Co-Artistic Director of Extraordinary Bodies

MIKEY MARTINS, CEO and Artistic Director of the Freedom Festival, Hull

Chaired by ANGUS MacKECHNIE, Executive Director of the Independent Street Arts Network

PLUS performances from BETTY BRAWN, the Strong Lady with her incredible feats of physical prowess, and the record-breaking, award-winning, sword-swallowing MISS BEHAVE.

Freedom of assembly and the right to common land are enshrined in human rights legislation, yet these spaces – in which we come together to collaborate, dream and share common experiences – feel under threat. There are shoots of optimism: groundswell cooperatives, communities shaping their environments, social activism creating voice for those without one.

We need our public spaces and few are better at reclaiming and reimagining these spaces than our world-class Outdoor Arts sector. Their work challenges and entertains; it is our most inclusive and empowering art form*; it captivates communities, and inspires innovation and cohesion. And they do really great fireworks.

Join Julie Ward MEP (who, in a former life, was a street performer herself!) alongside Outdoor Arts practitioners to hear more about what motivates them to take their dynamic work to the most public of arenas – and help to make the case for this vibrant area of cultural life.