OAUK Membership Relaunch: £21 for ’21 back to listing

As many of you will know, we haven’t collected membership fees since lockdown began last year, but many existing members and many of the new individuals, artists and companies we’ve met during the last twelve months have asked about more formally becoming part of the OAUK family.

In early April, we’re relaunching OutdoorArtsUK Membership.
This will be a short-term membership package, designed to be accessible to everyone and to reflect the current circumstances.

One of the benefits of this difficult time for myself and the OAUK team has been the opportunity to reach out far and wide, and we will continue to do so as part of our role in sector advocacy. Free access to certain parts of our work will remain. And we, of course, will continue our work that advocates, publicises, and celebrates the sector beyond the membership.

There will be a single membership rate of £21.
One price fits all. It will run for the remainder of the year (and represents a much lower cost than our previous rates which began at £35). We will review this at the start of 2022, when we hope (really hope) to be able to deliver more support, events and activities to our membership. At this point, we aim to reintroduce a tiered membership structure.

Membership applications will open in early April; on approval, your membership will start immediately. Keep an eye on the newsletter to join up – and as you’ll be entered into our new website and member directory, everyone starts afresh – but it’s a much simpler process (he said, optimistically).

Benefits of 2021 membership…

  • The OAUK Network: you will be part of an extensive Outdoor Arts network of professionals working in the UK, Ireland and beyond.
  • The OAUK Member’s Directory: you will have a dedicated page on our website to say who you are and to share your work. Members’ events in the listings highlights.
  • The OAUK Member’s Bulletin: every fortnight, you will receive a thorough round-up of funding, commissioning and employment opportunities from the sector, with the latest news and announcements from the membership. And sometimes a bit of gossip.
  • OAUK Online Members Meetings: members will be invited to attend a fortnightly online Member Meeting which offers the chance to connect with other members to share news and opportunities, information and experiences. We will invite various speakers to talk about their work and choose members to share their projects.
  • The OAUK Shows Directory: Members will be able to upload their current shows.
  • OAUK Members 121s: you will have access to designated 121 advice sessions with members of the OAUK team.
  • Reduced Priced Training: OAUK members can book at reduced rates on the excellent Independent Theatre Council training programme – which has been continuing online.

Our expectations of you…

Outdoors: whatever your practice or expertise, we expect our members to be active participants in the Outdoor Arts sector or with an interest in developing their experience and knowledge of working outdoors and in the public realm.

A Supportive Network: as a networking organisation, one of OutdoorArtsUK’s key roles is connecting our members to share experience and advice, and to offer each other support, develop opportunities and share skills; we ask our members to be open to offering one another support, advice and guidance.

Respect and Dignity: we presume a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity in your practice and that you treat other members and colleagues with respect and kindness.

Identification: we ask that you ‘mark’ yourself as an OAUK Member; we will send you the online tools to include our logo on your website and in printed promotional material alongside your funding and supporters’ information.

In the Future…

Once we can return to producing live events, visiting festivals and creating further supporting materials, OAUK Membership will also offer…

  • International Subsidy: we offer members the chance to apply for membership-only subsidised places to attend international festivals, conferences and events. Recently OAUK supported six members to attend Festival Spoffin, four members to attend the FreshStree#2 Conference in Portugal and seven members to attend FiraTarrega in Spain.
  • Access to the National Outdoor Arts Conference: members have priority access to the OAUK Conference; a hugely productive, creative and enjoyable coming together of the sector every two years.
  • Pitching places: members can apply for OAUK Member places in our pitching sessions for new show ideas.
  • On the Road Meetings: connect with the OAUK team at certain festivals, as well as local programmers and practitioners; learn more about each event and make new contacts.
  • Guidance: we will continue to produce guidance and advice materials as appropriate, to support the work and practice of the membership.