New work for Wales back to listing

Credit -Jem Traeys Run Ragged 1

Articulture, in collaboration with the Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium, have announced three new commissioned pieces of outdoor work for presentation at eight tour dates across Wales in 2016.

Dripping Tap Theatre Company – ‘Webster & Jones: A pocket guide to Wales’ 

A comic, participatory adventure. Joining two intrepid Victorian explorers on their quest of discovery to conquer the great outdoors! This piece follows the journey of an intrepid, yet hapless, explorer and his faithful guide as they quest through the great outdoors of Wales towards their ultimate goal: the summit of Mount “Snowed On”.

Run Ragged – ‘BAAH’

An urban shepherd(ess) and dog search for their flock of sheep. Eventually all are reunited and a dance unfolds. A walkabout (or dance-about) using 4 performers blending walkabout improvisation and sections of structured choreography accompanied by pre recorded or live music, whistles and non-verbal sound.

Chloe Loftus Dance – ‘Act of Strangers’ 

An encounter on a bench that inspires communication, connection and engagement. In a world where communication is so often made via screens and communities gather online rather in person, an outdoor dance theatre performance that reminds us of the simplicity and warmth of human contact.

Visit Articulture for more information and tour dates here.