NEW membership rates to join ISAN back to listing

As ISAN continues to grow as a network, linking together the many parts of the Outdoor Arts biosphere, we’ve just reviewed our membership rates and pricing structure, as part of our ambition to make joining ISAN as accessible as possible. The new rates, starting at £35, are all a reduction on what’s gone before and the revised categories are designed to better reflect the make-up of our sector. Over the last couple of weeks we have welcomed new members 2Faced Dance Company, Donna Close, Daryl Beeton, Etta Ermini Dance Theatre, Freedom Festival Hull, Imaginative Productions, Juggling on Tap, The Merchant City Festival & Natalie Stevenson.

There are four rates for annual membership: small, medium, large and extra large. Please see the table below for which definition fits you best. There’s also a trial rate for those new to the sector. All the joining info is HERE.

small You’re a freelance producer or a performer working pretty much on your own, you’re a newish company or festival finding your feet (suggested turnover under £30K). £35
medium2 You’re a small company, maybe with a few members, perhaps you’ve got a bit of funding and you get regular gigs (suggested turnover £31K – £100K). £70
large4 You’re a company, you have a full-time administrator (or two!), you’re making an income from touring and fundraising (suggested turnover £101K – £250K). £125
extralarge2 You’re a bit of a big fish, you’re getting regular income, or you’re a local authority, a venue or a big festival, you’ve got a few employees (suggested turnover over £250K). £195
TRIAL (Emerging)
emerging3 Try before you buy… you’re a newbie, a student or recent graduate, you’re in your first year or so in Outdoor Arts and have never been an ISAN member before. (One year only) £20