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At the heart of Outdoor Arts is the ability to bring together communities and offer enriching experiences which unite friends, families and strangers. By reaching out across society, on high streets and town squares, in parks and fields or on rooftops and village greens, we can help to lift the spirits and provide some light in dark times.

It has been such a difficult, unsettled and challenging few weeks in the UK, so as we head into what promises to be a hot and sunny weekend, we wish artists, production teams, producers and volunteers working on festivals and free events up and down the country all good wishes for a safe, productive and happy few days.

Here’s some of what’s going on over the weekend and beyond…

Saturday 17 Jun is big day – Somerfest in Taunton includes appearances by the Lords of Strut, Strong Lady Productions and Bingo Lingo, while over atEastleigh Unwrapped from The Point you can catchMotionhouse, Acrojou, Talking Birds, Stopgap Dance Company, Pif-Paf Theatre, Circo Rum Ba Ba, Glass House Dance and Kazzum.

HOME Slough takes to the streets with Prodigal Theatre‘s The Urban Playground Team and theBureau Of Silly ideas. Highly Sprung Performance Co. perform ‘Urban Astronaut’ in Bell Square – Art & Performance and Tilted Productions’ ‘Belonging(s)’ is at the 101 Creation Space from the Corn Exchange Newbury & New Greenham Arts.

Saturday and Sunday is Summer in Southside fromBirmingham Hippodrome, bringing the countryside to town with The Fabularium, Artizani, Folk Dance Remixed, Highly Sprung and Cardboardia / Картония‘s Animal Farm. And Ashbourne Festivalhas it’s StreetFest weekend. Meanwhile, the Cork Midsummer Festival has a Sunday picnic in the park.

Probably the biggest event will be Manchester Day 2017 on Sunday 18 June, which sees that great city celebrate its spirit of community, diversity and pride. Hosted by Manchester City Council and produced by Walk the Plank, it will pay tribute to those who were caught up in the recent attack at Manchester Arena.

Next week, Tue and Wed sees Far From The Norm as part of Lyric Hammersmith in the Square. Iris Theatre takes over the gardens of St Paul’s in Covent Garden for their extended run of ‘Macbeth’ – and the same play can be seen at Chepstow Castle alongside ‘Romeo and Juliet’ from Oddsocks Productions.

Next Thursday is the start of the indomitable Greenwich+Docklands International Festival with a massive Outdoor Arts programme starting with De Roovers, Compagnie des Quidams and IOU Theatre and including the Xtrax Outdoor Arts Showcase. It’s also time for Imagine Luton andImagine Watford, where the fabulous line-up includes mimbre acrobats, Kamchàtka Companyia,Gorilla Circus, Tangled Feet and Mr Wilson’s Second Liners. It’s the start of the SO Festiva lacross East Lincolnshire.

Have a really good weekend everyone.