• Dominoes by Station House Opera & Arts Admin at the Helsinki Festival. Photographer: Simo Karisalo
  • Mimbre, Falling Up, UNEXPECTED FESTIVAL. Photographer: Duncan Kerridge
  • Harmonic Fields by Pierre Sauvageot at Inside Out Dorset. Photographer: Roy Riley
  • Graeae & La Fura Des Baus, Prometheus Awakes, GDIF. Photographer: Warren King
  • Compagnie OFF, Les Giraffes, SIRF 2013. Photographer: Gilmar Ribeiro
  • Walk the Plank, MANCHESTER DAY PARADE. Photographer: Donald Judge


Here you’ll find links to current and archive listings of events in the Outdoor Arts sector arranged by year.

The current year is constantly updated and provides a fully comprehensive list of activity in the UK, with some international listings. Please get in touch with us to add anything.

The listings include conferences, meetings and professional development events, plus the occasional indoor or non-sector event which relates to artists or other parts of the Outdoor Arts sector. Music, visual art and food festivals are included where they have an element of Outdoor Arts in the programme. As time goes by, some of the links may well be redirected or disappear, but we’ll leave the lists up for reference and as a record of what happened in the sector year on year.

You can also take a look at the OutdoorArtsUK touring programme, On the Road.