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With only a handful of conference tickets left, it really is your last chance to book! Critical Mass: the National Outdoor Arts Conference 2015 in Hull 24-25 Nov 2015

Speakers and facilitators include Bev Adams (Faceless), Orit Azaz (Something Good 300), Daniel Bernstein &  Deb Mullins (Emergency Exit Arts), Neil Butler (UZ Arts),  Simon Chatterton (101 Creation Space),   Ajay Chhabra (Nutkhut),  Alison Clark (Arts Council England), Maggie Clarke (Xtrax), Jenny Coombes (Freedom Festival),  Paul Cowell (Southwark Presents),  Nathan CurryKat Joyce (Tangled Feet), Henrietta Duckworth, Martin Green & Sam Hunt (Hull City of Culture 2017), Stella Hall (Festival of Thrift),  Jo Hunter (64 Million Artists), Liz Pugh (Walk the Plank), Emma Rice (Kneehigh/Globe), Julian Rudd (Gi20),  Paschale Straiton & Kim Tilbrook (NASA), Anne Torreggiani (Audience Agency),   Isabelle Tracy (Art for Hull) & Frank Wilson (Event International) + twenty five artist presentations in the Ideas Summit, the chance to visit the Arts Council ‘One Stop Advice Shop’ and dinner in The Deep.