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Welfare State

Over Easter, have a read of this excellent article in The Bradford Review about John Fox and Welfare State: Engineers of the Imagination; Civic Magicians and the Jazz of Dreams.

As Bradford College’s School of Art prepares to launch their new Northern Centre for Research into Art and Material Culture Faculty, with an event remembering the work of experimental educationalist Albert Hunt at Bradford College of Art, Chris Brook looks back at the work of the event’s keynote speaker, John Fox. Fox was a colleague and collaborator of Hunt and founder of Welfare State theatre group

Welfare State (or Welfare State International from 1979) evolved at Bradford Art College in 1968 through the work of college librarian and lecturer John Fox, later based at Leeds Poly Fine Art Dept in 1971. Fox and his wife Sue Gill drew on a pool of over a dozen students and staff and operated as a collective under Fox and associate directors Boris and Maggie Howarth.