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ISAN Members Artsadmin and Emergency Exit Arts are among ten London arts organisations awarded £2.3million towards resilience, sustainability and the future by Arts Council England as part of its small scale capital programme. The successful applicants will be able to develop their buildings and facilities, resilience and sustainability, ensuring that they are better equipped to deliver great art and culture for all.

Joyce Wilson, Area Director, London, Arts Council England, said: “These grants represent vital support to the cultural infrastructure of London. Each one is a strategic investment in the organisation, whether it be in response to increased audience demands, strengthening their facilities, or to better understand the sector, they each contribute to safeguarding the future of London’s arts and culture.”

Artsadmin will work with digital advisors and data specialists to turn its existing data into a key strategic asset, from which it can improve its own performance and help build capacity within the sector.

Emergency Exit Arts‘ grant will develop its current home of 25 years, Rothbury Hall, into the Greenwich Making Space. It will be a 21st century art making and training centre with access to state of the art equipment for over 150 emerging and mid-career artists and creative practitioners, especially those working in Outdoor Arts. This will give EEA and artists the opportunity to deliver more high quality work and to develop stronger partnerships with the local community.

For the full list of the successful applicants click here.