Welcome A-board… back to listing

Thank you to everyone who stood for election onto the ISAN Board and to the membership for taking the time to vote. And massive gratitude to our departing members РNeil Butler, Mira Kaushik, Robin Morley and Frank Wilson Рfor their time and dedication to the organisation.

We announced the results of the election at the ISAN AGM on 8 Feb, and our new Board looks like this…

  • Ajay Chhabra (Nutkhut/London Mela)
  • Alan Richardson (Surge)
  • Bev Adams (Faceless Arts)
  • Daryl Beeton (Independent member)
  • Deb Mullins (Emergency Exit Arts)
  • Jackie Elliman (ITC)
  • Jeni Barnard (Acrojou)
  • Michelle Walker (Hat Fair/GDIF)
  • Ruth Oakley (Arts and Gardens)

Bev, Ruth and Jackie are all existing Board members, Daryl was re-elected and our newbies are Ajay, Alan, Deb, Jeni and Michelle.

Welcome to them all and we look forward to working together.