#GettingBackOutdoors: Audience Survey back to listing

‘Getting Back Outdoors’ is a free national online survey designed by Indigo with OutdoorArtsUK to capture audience views on returning to Outdoor Arts events post-lockdown.
We are seeking our audience’s views on their desire to attend street, rural and countryside festivals, carnivals, melas and community events now and in future, what some of the barriers might be and missing out on Outdoor Arts during lockdown.
We are looking for partner organisations to distribute the survey. You should have a suitable online mailing list directed at audiences who have attended or expressed an interest in Outdoor Arts events. This may mean you are a festival, an Outdoor Arts company or venue with an Outdoor Arts programme. The key point is to reach audiences (and not those working in the sector).Once registered, you will be able to send out the survey to your audiences from Mon 6 Jul (sorry, a SurveyMonkey maintenance period delayed us!), and you will have access to the results – for both the whole survey and for your particular mailing list.

If you are an attendee of Outdoor Arts events, a regular festival goer or an enthusiastic audience member, please take the survey, we’d really love to hear your opinion.


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