Outdoor Arts in Festival UK* 2022 Teams back to listing

The 10 Creative Teams have now been commissioned to take their projects into full production for next year’s Festival UK* 2022.

Intended to bring people together and showcase creativity, the projects will reach every corner of the UK. They will include events, public engagement activities, participation opportunities and learning programmes reaching millions of children and young people, demonstrating the importance of creativity in people’s lives and our collective future.

Within the teams, we have spotted several members of the Outdoor Arts community:

Creative Producer, Neil Butler (and former OAUK Board Member) is part of the Scotland-based APROXIMA ARTS COLLECTIVE – A unique approach to community growing celebrating music, future food technology and sustainable festivals.

The artist Marc Rees, creator and curator of installation and performance, is part of the team COLLECTIVE CYMRU – world-building, inclusive co-design, immersive mobile technology, TV Drama, futures thinking in science, and live performance collide to produce an experimental and inspiring form of transmedia storytelling.

Trigger is the lead of TRIGGER COLLECTIVE – an experiment in mass participation, co-creation, shared histories, sustainability, installation, performance and spectacle through the lens of nature, multiculturalism and ritual and reclaiming space; the team also includes Dock Street Events.

And finally, Walk the Plank is the lead of WALK THE PLANK COLLECTIVE – an experiment in lighting technology, environmental science, geo-tracking, mass participation, exploring the beauty of the UK outdoors and asking questions about access, taking part, landscape and the future of public spectacle. The team includes Walk the Plank’s Creative Producer John Wassell, Richard Babington and  Danielle Carbon Wilson and Extraordinary Bodies Lead Artist Jamie Beddard.

Read more about all ten teams here: FESTIVAL 2022