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The October Plenty Festival will take place on Sunday, 25 Oct online; it will be preceded by a week of amazing activities and will be the most diverse, varied, involving and wide-ranging October Plenty we have ever attempted.

We invite you to join us

Our ‘live’ October Plenty is a raucous jamboree, celebrating the harvest and the transition of the seasons. Our audience’s ability to bring their voice to the play is the key element on the day and this applies to our ‘Virtual Plenty’ in just the same way, in fact, it is even more important.

Lift up your hearts, your voices and feet!

Join us for a week of workshops 19-24 Oct:

If you come on the online adventure with us you can be part of it.

So get stuck in and revel with us every day at 11am in the week running up to October Plenty…

  • Monday 19th October 11am – Write an Epic Poem to celebrate Harvest with Danny
  • Tuesday 20th October 11am – Learn to make a Corn Dolly with the Goddess Ceres
  • Wednesday 21st October 11am – Celebrate Apple Day with the Goddess Pomona
  • Thursday 22nd October 11am – Make a Harvest Hat with Callum
  • Friday 23rd October 11am – Folk Dancing with Kate and Peter
  • Saturday 24th October 11am – Learn to sing Harvest Home with Tam

More info: The Lion’s Part

19-25 Oct