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Terschellings Oerol festival has become to be known as one of the most exceptional landscape arts festivals in Europe. From its roots as a small festival in 1982, Oerol has grown to become a true phenomenon. Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, art installations and music. More recent projects display a combination of arts, science and nature. These projects are becoming more and more important, shaping new aspirations of the festival. With a huge audience participating as fieldworkers in laboratory projects the festival becomes a fun but serious living lab. At Oerol new perspectives on society, nature and culture can be explored, by addressing how people move and behave within their surroundings. The shows and lab-projects where mankind and nature meet one another are created for the specific locations in which they take place. From a theatre spectacle to acrobatics and interactive installations: you will find all of this and more in the dunes, on the beaches, in the woods, on the dikes, in sheds or barns and simply in the streets of Terschelling.