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Rowan and Sarah set up our community interest company, Wild Rumpus, in 2009, to create an amazing, spellbinding weekend where families could play, dance and create together and see breathtaking theatre, dance and music. Our events couldn’t happen without a quite amazing team of people. Anais, Callum, Rory, Olivia and Katie along with Matt, Louis and Tom from the design team, now work with us all year round, and we’re joined by a wonderful creative bunch of staff and volunteers during the summer.

The Just So Festival is an annual weekend-long camping festival for children and their families. The festival provides a magical experience where art, music and literature are embedded and entwined in a beautiful and wondrous landscape. We provide a broad range of musical, theatrical, and visual performances, workshops and installations within a safe, natural and magical setting. Every clearing and glade holds a new way to unleash creativity. Families discover and delight in the spectacular within the woodland environment during this weekend camping event.

Since starting Just So Festival, we have grown and expanded our curious family of performers, staff and volunteers, and now have a year-round programme of adventures.

Wild Rumpus produces extraordinary worlds, most often in wild natural landscapes, and invite families to step inside and help to create incredible stories and moments of wonder. Alongside producing large-scale events, we’re working with performers, producers and programmers to shape a cultural environment where excellent outdoor work for families thrives.

Wild Rumpus is based at the Whirligig, a 4 acre woodland at Rode Hall in Cheshire. The Whirligig Forge is a place for volunteers and emerging creatives to come together and develop new skills, undertake training, showcase work, find mentors and become established in the outdoor arts sector.