Bridge (Imagineer Productions), Cathedral Plaza, Worcester back to all events

The bridge appears in the centre of town, where it becomes the setting for a programme of free events and happenings, culminating in Bridge: An Impossible Performance? on the Saturday evening.

Daytime events:

Visit the bridge by day and enjoy a series of free events and experiences.

An Experience in Two Parts: Take a pair of headphones and find out the meaning of the broken bridge. As with every good story, there are two sides to listen to – you can choose to experience either or both.

Under the Bridge: The bridge is the setting for performances, workshops, conversations or just a place to meet and hang out. Creative and community groups respond to the ‘bridge’ theme, bringing people together in new ways. Check out the blackboard to find out what’s happening today.

Bridge Stories podcast: Sit in front of the bridge, watch the world go by and listen to a 10 minute podcast collection of stories about bridge-building and bridge-burning.

Bridge: An Impossible Performance?

Bridge culminates in a memorable and exhilarating evening performance, with an international cast of stellar performers. With circus acrobatics, parkour, theatre and music, we learn to take a once-in-a-lifetime leap across a very large divide.