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Shedding light on the fragile nature of peace and the strength of those who sustain it.

As global and political events continue to shake our communities, we present Paper Peace, a year-long national arts and heritage programme. Created by renowned outdoor arts company Emergency Exit Arts, in association with B ArtsCreative SceneIdeas Test and Vivacity.

Paper Peace is a national programme of activity exploring the UK’s peace heritage. As we look around and see fractured and divided communities we are challenging ourselves and those around us to think about peace. What do we mean by peace? Who protects it? How do we nourish it? What can we learn from previous peace builders and activists?

Paper Peace has many strands of work taking place in 2019 and beyond. We launched with the Peace Poem in November 2018. This beautiful mobile artwork has been touring the country throughout the year.

Over the last 6 months EEA has been working with a brilliant group of forty-eight 18-25 year olds in our Young Producers Programme. They are training in heritage and event productions skills to unearth the UKs rich peace building history and commission local artists to create responses. This will form part of BLINK our giant installation touring in November 2019. BLINK will take you on a journey of different perspectives through a series of playful artworks exploring and challenging our concepts of peace building and activism in the UK.

You can get more deeply involved with Paper Peace through the People’s Peace Archive where you can find out more about the project and heritage collections we have been exploring. You can also download our learning resources and catalyst collection created with our lead heritage partner the Peace Museum.

We will be sharing more information about this throughout the project. Keep following #paperpeace to stay up to date or join the mailing list



See Peace Differently

BLINK. Explore.
BLINK. Resist.
BLINK. Reconcile.
BLINK. Hope.

Blink. 100 years have passed since the end of The Great War. What does Peace look like now?

Enter BLINK to play with a series of artworks inspired by peacebuilders and activists from your community and across the UK. Peace is a doing word, what will you do?

FREE and suitable for all ages.

Taking over towns, cities, marketplaces and streets in November 2019.