Big Dancers (El Carromato), Bell Square, Hounslow back to all events

Big Dancers is a street performance featuring giant dancing puppets. An amazing show: think human sculptures, different geometric forms, lights creating a powerful visual impact.

These giant characters perform in their colourful costumes, flooding the streets with our “electro-energetic” music and positive energy.

What better way to brighten up a November day!

The artists will collaborate with the audience to generate an atmosphere like a street party. Dance if you feel like it!

About El Carromato

El Carromato is a street theatre company established in Cadiz (Spain) from 2000.  We develop projects for streets specially walking acts and performances with lighting. Our project Big Dancers was performed at the opening ceremony and also the closing event of the European Capital of Culture 2018 in Valletta. Also was showed in important festivals in Europe and Asia as Theatre Festival of Sibiu (Romania), Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Mercè Arts de Carrer of Barcelona (Spain), Imaginarius in Portugal, Fete de Lumière of Chartres and Carnival of Nice (France), Spring festival in Doha (Qatar), Flipside of Singapore, Platonov Arts Festival of Voronezh (Russia)…