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We’re very much looking forward to the (free) Devoted & Disgruntled Outdoor Arts event at the 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space on Greenham Common on 22 October.

D&D 101

101’s Simon Chatterton writes:

“It’s been a phenomenal first year here at 101 and what I have valued most is the opportunity to gain a glimpse of how some of the most diverse and exciting outdoor companies make work. One of the most rewarding things for me has been the chance meetings and encounters that have happened between artists and the conversations that have resulted. This is a chance to extend some of those discussions and to widen the community around 101. Working in Open Space, we’ll all set the agenda together – nothing is censored, and whatever your questions or ideas, you’re welcome to share them with the rest of the group. Here are some of my questions, I look forward to hearing yours..

What are the creation processes behind outdoor work? Do we share any common ground? Can we learn from each other? How can our creation process best be planned and supported? How do we develop new ideas and techniques in our work? What are the new technologies that are exciting for the outdoors? How have these worked for us– or not? How do we create opportunities for creative play? Where can we learn from other artforms? What kind of collaborations might we most like to explore? Where can we learn from other countries and cultures? How do we train people in the skills they need to work outdoors? How do we present work in progress? What sort of feedback processes can we use?

Bring your inspirations, ideas, conundrums, questions, approaches and challenges, and come along on October 22nd to join the conversation. Together we can continue to evolve, improve and connect around our outdoor arts practices and dreams. I look forward to meeting you then.”