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Imagineer Productions is looking for a talented and experienced performer to join the Bridge project as MC / Host for Under the Bridge – a daytime programme of performances, events and happenings in the public space under and around the Bridge installation.

Your role will be to:

  • Host the Bridge installation in public space
  • Let the public know what’s happening, how it relates to Bridge themes and how they can join in
  • Represent and interpret the project to passers-by, so people understand what it is
  • Help us to create the conditions for, and manage, the unexpected


  • 2 days offsite briefing / preparation / rehearsal between 26 Aug – 6 Sep
  • Grantham Residency: 12 Sep – 14 Sep
  • Coventry Residency: 26 Sep – 28 Sep


  • £1500 plus travel, accommodation and food

To apply…

  • Film task: the theme of Bridge is bridging divides and connecting across difference. Please visit for more information. The focus and framework for the project is a large Bridge, which is broken in the middle, there is a big gap where the keystone would be. The performances and events that happen on, under and around the bridge will explore the idea of this gap and the effort and imagination needed to bridge it. We are seeking a warm, playful and accessible tone (not too worthy or serious).
  • Please film yourself for 1 minute introducing and commentating on an activity in an outdoor public space that, for you, represents Bridge themes in a warm and playful way.
  • Send the film or a link to it, together with your CV / biog and link to showreel if you have one relevant to this role (not more than one link please) to

Closing date: Mon 12 Aug, 10am

Essential skills:

  • You will have a strong performing presence, warmth and charm, with:
  • strong verbal improvisation and comedy skills
  • ability to read / learn short texts
  • experience of performing outdoors in public spaces and holding the attention of a large crowd, as well as establishing rapport with individuals and small groups
  • experience of, and confidence in, compering / commentating
  • demonstrable understanding of, and control over, when to take focus and when to give it
  • sensitivity and flexibility in relation to ‘tone of voice’

Desirable skills:

  • experience of working with live direction / headset instructions