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27 / 28 Nov Milton Keynes

Don’t miss this great line-up of the best of the Outdoor Arts world! Further details announced; speakers, facilitators, hosts and presenters include…

Abigail Collins (Fool Britannia) • Ajay Chhabra (Nutkhut) • Al Richardson (Surge) • Andrew Ellerby (ACE) • Andrew Loretto (Hat Fair) • Angus MacKechnie (ISAN) • Ann Limb (IF Milton Keynes) • Bettina Linstrum (ArtsAgenda) • Bev Adams (Bev Adams Arts) • Bill Gee (BGA) • Billy Alwen (Cirque Bijou) • Botis Seva (Far From The Norm) • Cerian Eiles (Achates Philanthropy) • Charlie Bunker (Wildworks) • Claire Hodgson (Diverse City) • Daniela Essert (Scarabeus Aerial Theatre) • Danielle Marshall (Circulate Consortium) • Daryl Beeton (Independent Artist) • Deb Mullins (Emergency Exit Arts) • Doug Francisco (Boomtown Fair) • Emma Jane Clark (Gertrude & Ivy) • Freya Bennett-Neilson (Global Grooves) • Graham Daniels (Addictive TV) • James Macpherson (Artizani) • Jamie Beddard (Diverse City) • Jeanefer-Jean Charles (Manchester Day) • Jeni Barnard (Acrojou) • Jessica Rost (Festive Road) • John Wassel (Walk the Plank) • Jude Kelly (Southbank Centre) • Leon Patel (Global Grooves – Manchester) • Mandy Dike (And Now) • Mark Worth (Highly Sprung) • Michelle Walker (GDIF) • Monica Ferguson (The Stables) • Natalie Scott (ISAN) • Penny Mills (Audience Agency) • Roger Hartley (Bureau Of Silly ideas) • Rosie Freeman (The Brick Box) • Ruth Oakley (Arts and Gardens) • Sarah Bird (Wild Rumpus) • Sarah Worth (Highly Sprung Performance Co.) • Sue Hill (Wildworks Theatre) • Tania Harrison (Festival Republic) • Ushi Bagga (Paul Hamlyn Foundation)

The Outdoor Arts Ideas Summit Marketplace will feature…
Autin Dance Theatre / Bash Street Theatre / The Bicycle Ballet Company / Citrus Arts / Enter Edem / The Fabularium / Fidget Feet Aerial Dance / Full House Theatre / Metro Boulot Dodo Leicester / mimbre acrobats / Mufti / Nina Von Der Werth & Co / PanGottic Circus-Theatre / Pif-Paf Theatre / Puppets with Guts / Rag and Bone / Robby Graham & Greenwich+Docklands International Festival / Sevesfeathers / Taking Flight Theatre Company / Talking Birds / Tangled Feet / Travelling Light Circus / Walk the Plank / Wet Picnic / Wired Aerial Theatre


Your ticket includes registration, arrival pack, two days of conference packed with speakers, experts, discussion and debate, access to reduced accommodation, transport between MK station, hotels and venues, the marketplace, two lunches at the Stables, one dinner with a drink and entertainment at Festive Road and tea, coffees and snacks throughout.

ISAN Members: £180
Non-members: £250
(including VAT and ticket fee, so no nasty surprises)

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