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The EEA team explain the ideas and ambitions behind their new nationwide project, ‘Blink’…

The UK is going through a period of real social and political turbulence – we’ve become so polarised that finding unity sometimes seems impossible. BLINK is driven by the desire of young people to bring their communities together, discover what peace means to us and develop new work that explores how collective action towards a shared goal can create a new future. 

BLINK is an invitation. It lands unannounced in public spaces across the UK to provoke the way we are thinking about peace today. Five giant eyes, all looking for answers. Five giant eyes, looking for people to share insights, experiences and hopes. BLINK invites you to engage with the eyes and to see new perspectives through them. Enter inside to reconcile, resist, explore, hope and to see your community and its power afresh.

BLINK is a series of interconnected installations, designed to take audiences on a journey that invites them to create actions of peace together. Featuring responsive video mapping and interactive technologies, multilingual poetry and magic from public space mavericks The Brick Box, Blink is not to be missed when it tours the UK this November.

Blink is the product of a two-year exploratory process led by Emergency Exit Arts in partnership with arts and heritage organisations from across the UK.  Forty-Eight young producers have been supported by B-Arts (Stoke-on-Trent), Vivacity (Peterborough), Creative Scene (North Kirkleas) and Ideas Test (Medway & Swale) to research and respond to their local peace heritage. With support from the Peace Museum in Bradford, they have commissioned regional artists to create separate installations as ‘Calls To Action’. Inspired by their community’s past collective actions, they will inspire their communities to come together and bridge differences to affect real change.

Young Producer Lukhmann Ali feels that: “The project focuses on what I think is imperative at the moment in society. We are lacking a lot of compassion, peace, understanding and empathy. This project highlights how many young people want to spark a change and Blink really brings that to life.”   

Artistic Director of the project, Chloe Osborne, has unified the creations of each partner; working with designers Rūta Irbīte and Nina Dunn, the installations will be housed in five connected eye-shaped pods, each activated by the audience as part of their exploratory journey together.  

The show is the finale of Paper Peace, a project that started in 2017 in anticipation of the centenary of WW1 and originated from an interest in shifting the perspective of the centenary to focus on how society views peace in the context of disruption and how this has changed over the last 100 years.


BLINK is funded by ACE and Heritage Lottery Fund and is supported by 101 Creation Space and Peace Museum Bradford.