Arts Council National Portfolio Funding back to listing

All across England this morning, arts organisations were waiting for their promised emails about the National Portfolio funding for April 2015 – March 2018. The picture of what news these emails brought is unfolding.

The Arts Council England at 10am published their list of NPOs that details all the organisations to receive funding from this source of ACE investment in the coming years.

For ISAN there was a positive response to our application.

ACE Assessment: Arts Council England decided that the programme of work you set out in your application would make a contribution to the goals of Great art and culture for everyone and to the national portfolio of funded organisations (which is balanced across size, type, artform, geographical spread, diversity and contribution to those goals). In the assessment ISAN was seen as meeting both goals as ‘Strong.’

The ISAN figures are standstill for the next three years. This is mixed news for ISAN as it provides ongoing funding, but will mean we need to review what can be undertaken and delivered of the exciting and in-depth programme we are planning to run from April 2015 to March 2018.  The ISAN Board and staff team will be reflecting further on what this means in the coming months. We will discuss options with the Arts Council and will keep you posted once our discussions are finalised.

For many across the sector there has been similar news with continued funding for some ISAN members such as Motionhouse Dance TheatreMimbre, Walk the Plank and Winchester Hat Fair. For others the news has not been so positive with ISAN member organisations such as Tangled Feet not being taken on as part of the National Portfolio.

ISAN is working over the coming weeks to analyse in detail the level of increase and decrease from ACE treasury funds. In the current climate of overall public spending cuts there are a number of real success stories for our sector as well as really challenging times for others.

In the meantime, ISAN will continue to advocate for Outdoor Arts. We are leading a national advocacy campaign to secure the future of the UK’s outdoor arts in partnership with the Outdoor arts Catalyst Consortium.  Our advocacy campaign has been set up to help this dynamic sector of the arts to flourish and attract new sources of funding. We are working in partnership as a consortium comprising five other outdoor arts organisations including: EEA, Bureau of Silly Ideas, Kazzum, Kinetika and Tangled Feet. Join up and play a part. This campaign is for you and the wider sector. Go to the ISAN website and learn more on the homepage. Or follow us on Facebook, ‘Outdoor-Arts-UK’ or Twitter’@OutdoorArtsUK

Robin Morley, ISAN Chair on behalf of the ISAN Board, ISAN staff team and members.