Outdoor Arts Facts & Figures

Following six years of Audience Finder research and analysis (2013-2018), it has become a consistent and demonstrable fact that Outdoor Arts attract a wide-ranging and diverse audience that is truly representative of the total population. The headlines from the 2018 Outdoor Arts Audience Report are as follows:

Outdoor Arts…

…engage an enviable range of ages

  • Outdoor Arts are remarkably successful at attracting an audience of all ages, and is particularly strong in the younger (16-24 & 25-34) and middle range (35-44 and 45-54) ages.
  • This is much more marked than for other art form audiences.

…attract audiences that are truly representative of the population

  • Outdoor Arts audiences represent a broad range of people from different ethnicities, more representative of the population as a whole compared with other art form sectors.
  • Worthy of note is white visitors are slightly under-indexed while across the cultural sector at large, the opposite is the case, with white attendees being commonly overrepresented.

…genuinely reach out to people with less cultural engagement

  • Outdoor Arts attracts all audience profiles from those with the highest engagement (35%) with the arts to those with the least engagement (32%).
  • In contrast, only 17%  of audiences for indoor, ticketed arts are low cultural engagers.
  • It is unusual to see such high representation from the latter, demonstrating the capacity for Outdoor Arts to reach an audience that other art forms rarely reach.

…engage audiences with positive reasons for being there

  • Top motivations…
  • ‘to be entertained’
  • ‘to enjoy the atmosphere’
  • ‘to spend time with friends and family’
  • This is useful in understanding the combination of factors for attending when marketing Outdoor Arts.

…offer intrinsic social benefits

  • 54% of survey respondents aged 16-34 identify their main reason for attending as being primarily social.
  • Families are 80% motivated by social and entertainment reasons
  • Many people attend as part of groups – both adult groups and family groups – 76% of visitors attend with other adults

…are rated as high-quality experiences

  • There is a high degree of satisfaction for the events offered, and audiences rate Outdoor Arts events highly across a range of areas including the quality of the performances and the overall experience.
  • 94% rating the experience ‘good’ or ‘very good’ and 84% of respondents rate their likelihood to recommend the event at 8/10 or higher.

…engage with a local audience

  • Outdoor Arts audiences are predominantly local.
  • People are substantially more likely to attend Outdoor Arts events within 5 miles of their homes, suggesting that the art form is perceived as a local activity. 41% of respondents had an average drive distance of 0-5 miles.
  • 78% of audiences travel from within a 20 mile radius – indicating a strong connection between place, community and outdoor events.

 Additional headlines from the 2013-2014 Audience Finder research & analysis:

…have inbuilt place-making benefits

  • One of the most notable characteristics of Outdoor Arts is the way in which it appears to contribute to pride in place and its active role in encouraging community cohesion.
  • 70% of people strongly agreed with the statement that ‘the event is good for the area’s image’.
  • Given that the majority of people in the audience are relatively local and report positive experiences, this implies that Outdoor Arts affect a sense of ‘local pride’.

…fuel cultural tourism

  • Of those visiting from outside the area, the Outdoor Arts event was the main drive for their visit.
  • While in the area they engaged in a range of activities:
  • 59% visited a restaurant or café
  • 49% visited a pub or bar
  • 39% did some shopping
  • 21% took part in another arts or cultural activity
  • This shows positive indications towards impact on local economies.

Many of these results are already well known to Outdoor Arts practitioners and programmers, but it is important to celebrate and acknowledge these as the essential hard data needed to help the sector capitalise on its work.

Click here to download the 2018 Outdoor Arts Audience Report in full from the Audience Agency’s website