• Ilotopie, Water Fools, LAKES ALIVE. Photographer: Event Digital
  • Los Kaos, Bjorn the Polar Bear, ESSEX STREET DIVERSIONS.
  • Aether and Hemera, Captain Cook's Dreamt Vessels, ODINS GOW. Photographer: Robin Morley
  • Transe Express, Mobile Homme.
  • Theatre Titanick, Insect. Photographer: S. Doering
  • Upswing, Red Shoes, SUMMER IN SOUTHSIDE. Photographer: Steve Eggleton
  • Nutkhut, Nutkhut Dance, DERBY FESTE. Photographer: Hayley Madden.
  • Captive by Motionhouse Dance at Stockton International Riverside Festival. Photographer: Gilmar Ribeiro

Sector Advocacy

OutdoorArtsUK aims to help our members and the wider Outdoor Arts community make a clear, strong and dynamic case for our work to help it grow and develop.

We advance the profile and visibility of the Outdoor Arts by promoting the value and benefits of our members’ work to the both the public and key stakeholders in the cultural, political, funding and advocacy arenas.

Our national Outdoor Arts UK campaign was launched to help us flourish and share details of our work, attract new sources of funding; it is supported with extensive research into the make up, motivations and engagement of our audiences by The Audience Agency: three years of research has been undertaken into a wide range of Outdoor Arts activity.

Over 20,000 individual survey responses have already been achieved, making this one of the largest and most comprehensive research projects undertaken into Outdoor Arts anywhere in the world.

Use the links for more details and advocacy tools and data.