‘Why?’: Gravity & Levity

Why? is a vertical dance duet, performed on a bespoke free-standing wall. Originally created in 2004 it was re-imagined with the same creative team and cast 15 years on.

‘Why?’ considers the inevitable.
Part 1 – Two people, separate yet connected are faced with an impassable wall. They wait, suspended in time, drifting from moment to moment.
Part 2 – In coming together and strengthening their connection, they are able to reach acceptance and surrender, moving through the impasse knowing that they are held and supported by each other.

In light of the recent pandemic and a collective grieving, Why? feels more relevant than ever. How do we each pass through these experiences and how do these experiences pass through, affect and change us?

‘Why? offers a visceral experience for an audience that not only legitimises the emotional one but creates space for the viewer to bring their own understanding to it, triggering a resonance, not dictating their experience.

Website: www.gravity-levity.net
City/Town: Brighton 
Email Address: info@gravity-levity.net 
Show Available: Now
Genre: Dance, Acrobatics, Theatre, Aerial dance
Scale: Small-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £2,600. Please note costs come down over a longer run
People ‘on the road’: 5
Shows per day / duration: 2 shows x 22 mins. Please note that the get-in and out for the show, (building a free-standing aerial structure requires a minimum 3.5 hour get-in