‘Ugly Bugs Ball’ Enter Edem

The Ugly Bugs are having a ball, this aristocratical bunch of outrageous folk can be found causing mischief and mayhem wherever they fly in!

Options include, on foot or stilt:

-Sire Stanley Stagbeetle
-Sir Robert Robberfly
-Master Bartholomew Bumblebee
-Madame Miriam Mantis
-Lady Bella Bird
-Ms Bernadette Butterfly

Website: www.enteredem.co.uk

City/Town: Leicester

Email Address: hello@enteredem.co.uk

Show Available: Now

Genre: Walkabout, Children’s/Family

Scale: Intimate

Estimated cost per day: From £600 + travel (2 performers)

People ‘on the road’: 2-6 depending on show option chosen.

Shows per day / duration: 3 x 30 mins