‘To Me, To You…’: Wired Aerial Theatre

Internationally renowned Wired Aerial Theatre has created a beautiful 1940s-themed duet To Me, To You… about the ups and downs of life for a very regular couple. Set amongst their domestic paraphernalia, the couple perform on the ground and in the air on a rotating, pivoting structure encased in roses. Using Wired’s characteristic fusion of contemporary dance, physical theatre, aerial performance and gymnastics, the pair meet, fall in love, settle down and fight before eventually achieving equilibrium symbolised through their physical balance on the set. To Me, To You… is gritty as well as romantic and nostalgic, encouraging audiences to connect with the characters and be touched by their story.

To Me, To You… was commissioned by Without Walls and Brighton Festival and was originally created with Liam Steel.

Website: www.stdma.com/portfolio-items/wired-aerial-theatre/
City/Town: Liverpool
Email Address: sarah@stdma.com
Show Available: 4 weeks notice required.
Genre: Dance, Acrobatics, Theatre, Aerial
Scale: Medium-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £5050
People ‘on the road’: 4
Shows per day / duration:  3 Shows x 26 minutes