‘Thomas Trilby’s Family Circus Show’: Thomas Trilby

Thomas Trilby’s Family Circus show is a fast moving mixture of juggling, plate spinning, unicycle and other circus skills plus comedy, improvisation and interaction.

Suitable for all ages it has been tried and tested with socially distanced audiences and with measures to meet the current regulations. A fire juggling finale can be included.

I also have a bicycle themed show and numerous walkabout characters including my stilt bicycle and penny farthing.

 Website: www.thomastrilby.co.uk
City/Town: Cheltenham
Email Address: info@thomastrilby.co.uk
Show Available: Now 
Genre: Theatre, Walkabout, Children’s/Family
Scale: Small-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £350.00
People ‘on the road’: 1
Shows per day / duration: 3 x 30 mins / 2 x 45 mins