‘The Circle Squared’: Graham Elstone

The Circle Squared is a large scale interactive installation based on fairy tales and stories. The installation sits in a large dome structure and is interactive sound, touch based, and projections that cascade across the dome. Ideal for any festival or lightnight the work is family suitable. Once the dome is erected in city/town or rural setting the work can run a number of evenings. The work can run on 13/16 amp supply.

Website: Grahamelstone.strikingly.com  
City/Town: Nottingham
Email Address: graham@lowbrowtrash.co.uk 
Show Available: Now
Genre: Installation, Children’s/Family, Light  
Scale: Medium-scale
Estimated cost per day: £200 after install costs 
People ‘on the road’: 3
Shows per day / duration: Can run any hours and as constant exhibition