‘The Band’: Levantes Dance Theatre

Meet Sandy & Bruno. They formed a band in the Seventies and became an overnight sensation. She was fame hungry; he was doomed to follow her to the ends of the earth. Now washed up, cruelly forgotten, they prepare for their last gig. Will this be their chance of fame? What will the audience decide?

THE BAND is a captivating outdoor duet performed by real life couple Eleni Edpidi and Nathan Johnston which blends physical comedy and floor & aerial acrobatics with a vibrant aesthetic to tell a tragi-comic story of desperate ambition and blind devotion.

Website: https://stdma.com/portfolio-items/levantes-dance-theatre/
City/Town: London
Email Address: sarah@stdma.com
Show Available: Two weeks notice of booking required
Genre: Dance, Acrobatics, Theatre 
Scale: Medium-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £1700 
People ‘on the road’:  4
Shows per day / duration: 3 shows