‘The Adventures of S.U.S.A.N.N. the Robot’: Cat and Mouse Theatre

When the people became socially distanced, boredom and loneliness took hold… but now comes SUSANN the Robot to save humanity, to bring Wonder and Joy to an isolated society.

Sentient, Hilarious and Inquisitive, SUSANN wants to help the people see a lighter side of life as they wait in stupid queues, take walks through the park or or animate a shopping district . She can reach out to a pensioner in a bungalow complex and be close to children who have lost their playmates. She can answer any question, engage in conversations, or play a favourite tune at the request of a stranger. She is the Robot we imagined in the 80’s, clunky but very clever.

Website: www.catandmousetheatre.com
City/Town: Bristol
Email Address: catandmousetheatre@gmail.com
Show Available: From October 2020
Genre: Theatre, Walkabout, Children’s/Family, Processional
Scale: Intimate
Estimated cost per day: £1,100
People ‘on the road’: 3
Shows per day / duration: 2 x 1 hour