‘Strong Lady’: Strong Lady Productions

A Strong Lady performs feats-of-strength with an uplifting mix of comedy, muscle and elegance. Celebrating the strength of women and the kindness of men, this show twists gender cliches and leaves smile muscles aching.

She has been touring outdoor arts festivals internationally for almost 20 years and this show is not only beautifully crafted, but highly adaptable. While the show usually centres around lifting audience volunteers, COVID safe solutions have been figured out for adapting to these strange times.

Website: www.strongladyproductions.com
City/Town: Westcliff-on-Sea
Email Address: thestronglady@gmail.com
Show Available: Now
Genre: Acrobatics, Theatre
Scale: Small-scale
Estimated cost per day: £600
People ‘on the road’: 1
Shows per day / duration: 2 shows x 30mins