‘String and Strong’s Creative Olympics’: Fully Booked Theatre

Are you an Olympic champion with a pair of scissors?
Are your LEGO models out of this world
Can you make a mini ice rink out of a baking tray and some ice?

String and Strong proudly present a collection of silly and zany events children and families can take part in from home.

Every morning at 10:00 am String and Strong, two super silly creatures covered from head to foot in string, will launch the day’s creative challenge. Audiences are invited to participate by posting their videos of their best efforts and using a hashtag chosen to represent your town or festival. String and Strong respond to all entries, encouraging and giving marks for creativity, artistic flair, and sense of humour. At the end of the event a closing ceremony is help in celebration of the creativity created over the course of the event. Bespoke awards created with your festival/town’s branding can be sent to winners in the post.

Follow the link to see an example of what we created for Festival Stoke: https://www.festivalstoke.co.uk/stoke-creative-olympics.html

 Website: www.fullybookedtheatre.com
City/Town: Middlesbrough
Email Address: jen.j.w.essex@gmail.com
Show Available: One month’s notice
Genre: Dance, Theatre, Children’s/Family
Scale: Medium-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £300/1 day (£500/2 days, £600/3 days)
People ‘on the road’: none (online event)
Shows per day / duration: Suggested one event per day