‘Spark!’: Worldbeaters Music

Spark! is a medium-scale show that packs a large-scale punch!

Enchanting characters, high impact drumming, dynamic choreography, dazzling costumes and striking lighting design make Spark! a world-class street-theatre show appropriate for international audiences of all ages.

The Costumes with wide musical instruments built in naturally lend themselves to the performers socially distancing from each other. The highly visual element and loud acoustic drums mean the show can be viewed by the audience from a safe distance and we are self-sufficient with hardly any tech. requirements. The group is mobile and very flexible so able to parade and perform static sets on or off stage. We can react quickly to moving audiences and available space so constantly preserving social distancing. We have very thorough risk assessments (available on request) for rehearsals, performances and all the logistics that go with them.

 Website: www.worldbeatersmusic.com
City/Town: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Email Address: spark@worldbeatersmusic.com
Show Available: Now
Genre: Walkabout, Children’s/Family, Processional, Light, Music
Scale: Medium-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £3325 + VAT
People ‘on the road’: 6
Shows per day / duration: Up to 90 minutes of performance e.g 3 x 30 mins